Professional experience

  • 2015 to date Professor at the ENES, UNAM

  • 2010-2015 Associate professor at the University of Guanajuato


  • 2010               Postdoctoral Associate at Halifax University,

  •                        Canada (advisor: Shelley Adamo)

  • 2008-2010     Postdoctoral Associate at the National Institute of

  •                        Public Health, Cuernavaca, Mexico (advisor:

  •                        Humberto Lanz)

  • 2007               PhD obtained at the Institute of Ecology,

  •                        Program in Biomedical Science,

  •                        UNAM (advisor: Alejandro Córdoba-Aguilar)

  • 2002               BS degree received in Biology at the Autonomous

  •                        University of Mexico State (advisor: José Luis Osorno)


  • American Society of Parasitology

  • European Society for Evolutionary Biology

  • International Society for Behavioral Ecology

Teaching experience:


Undergraduate level (at the ENES, Morelia campus, UNAM)

Biodiversity I: Origin & Evolution

Functional Ecology

Behavioral Ecology

Evolutionary Ecology



Graduate level (at the ENES, Morelia campus, UNAM)

Evolutionary Immunology, Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences and Posgrade in Biological Science, UNAM.

I am a regular collaborator for teaching in the course “Ecophysiology of Animal Behavior” (doctoral program in Biomedical Sciences)


Our investigation focuses on Sexual Selection and Eco-Immunology.

The species chosen as subjects are those with biological characteristics that allow us to test different hypotheses. For example, we have studied butterflies, moths, beetles, scorpions, nematodes and humans.